2016 additions for the USA Softball Umpire Awards Program announced

OKLAHOMA CITY – USA Softball, the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States, announced today that 270 umpires have been honored for their years of service and expertise by becoming members of the USA Softball Umpire Awards Program. One of the nation’s largest officiating organizations, USA Softball umpires are nationally recognized as the most trained and proficient in the sport and have the opportunity to be recognized for their dedication to the sport through four available outlets: the Medals Program, the National Indicator Fraternity, the Elite Umpire Program and World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Certification.


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Stay on top of the game by learning the Official Rules of Softball, as published by the Amateur Softball Association of America. Now available for iOS (iPhones/iPads) and for Android devices, find out how ASA’s Apps can help you learn the rules of softball. You can download ASA’s Apps HERE.

New Certification Mark for Slow Pitch Bats Manufactured in 2013 and Beyond
A new Certification Mark will be used on all future bat models manufactured FOR THE GAME OF SLOW PITCH for 2013 and beyond. The new certification mark will look like the image to the right (ASA Shield). The current 2000 and 2004 Certification Marks will continue to be valid Marks for the existing Slow Pitch bats, while any new models produced by the manufacturers will display the new Certification Mark. All bats currently listed on the approved bat lists will remain legal for ASA/USA Softball play. ASA/USA Softball will continue to perform random testing of all approved models to verify conformance of the approved bat performance standard and any model found out of compliance could be added to the non-approved list. All models currently listed on the non-approved list will not be allowed in ASA/USA Softball play.

Please note, there will NOT be any changes for Certification Mark and Test Standard for all bats used in the game of ASA/USA Fast Pitch Softball for the 2013 season. The current 2000 and 2004 Certification Marks will continue to be the appropriate Marks for Fast Pitch, and any new models produced by the manufacturers will continue to display the 2004 Certification Mark.

Clarification: If the new ASA stamp is on the bat, it CANNOT be used in the game in fast pitch, but it CAN be used in the game of slow pitch

For more information on Certified Equipment, click here.

ASA YouTube Explanations: Certification Marks | Fast Pitch Bats | Slow Pitch Bats

Georgia ASA Creates Facebook and Twitter Pages for Georgia ASA UMPIRES
Umpires: Now you have a Facebook page dedicated to Georgia ASA umpires … as well as a Georgia ASA Umpires Twitter Page. After a successful first year with the Georgia ASA Association Facebook and Association Twitter pages in 2010, which generated over 850 followers, Georgia ASA decided to extended the new form of communication to umpires. The original Association Facebook and Twitter pages will still be heavily active with status updates/tweets on tournaments, rules, national berths, web site updates, meetings, photos, video and more. Umpire information will still be posted on the existing association sites, but the new umpire sites will allow for more in-depth umpire-centric content. The new umpire sites will, of course, be tailored for Georgia ASA Umpires, but anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to “Like It” on Facebook or become a “Follower” on Twitter. We look forward to seeing you as on our new Social Media sites!

Georgia ASA Umpire Code of Ethics
ASA umpires are professional umpires. We get paid to umpire amateur athletes. As individual professionals, we have a responsibility to the players, fans, other umpires, our associations, ASA and ourselves to meet a high standard of professionalism both on and off the field. All Georgia ASA Umpires are expected to know and follow the Georgia ASA Umpire Code of Ethics. Georgia ASA takes this very seriously. Umpires not following this document may be brought in front of the Georgia ASA disciplinary committee and are subject to disciplinary action. Any questions regarding this code, please contact Jimmy Derrick.