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Background Check Requirement for Council Members

All voting council members need to pass a background check for the 2018 season before January 1st.

This was part of the new Procedural Manual change in 2016 in Article 105 D 16 under commissioner’s duties, which states “Each Commissioner shall ensure that a background check is performed annually by January 1st on every council member within their association.”

We are now 12 days past the deadline and not everyone has met this requirement. So please pass the word to your voting council members that they need to get this done ASAP. Your council members can go online at or submit their information on the attached background consent form to the national office with payment to have their background check run. If you have any questions about the background check process please contact Stephanie Brown at or 405.425.3459.

National and Regional Qualifier Dates Due to National Office and posted on

All national and regional qualifying tournaments must be submitted to the national office by January 1 each year. At the time of this email we still do not have all this information so please make sure that you get this tournament information in right away to your regional person.

All these national and regional tournaments must be listed on

Drop Shipping of 2018 Participant Manual aka Rule Book

I also want to pass along that Managing Director of Communications Codi Warren informed me today that the 2018 Participant manual/ rulebook are beginning to ship today Friday January 12, 2018 from the printer for those commissioners that provided Debbie Ford with their drop ship address. You can expect the arrival of these items within the next 10 working days.  If you have any question about the shipping of your books please contact Codi Warren at  or 405.425.3431.

Article 106 ASSOCIATION AND REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS. A local association commissioner is responsible for all registration requirements, fees and dues to the USA Softball.

B. Affiliation Fee. Each local association shall pay annually an affiliation fee of $1,000.00 and shall be responsible for membership dues as set forth in Article 106 ( C ) of this Procedural Manual. The $1,000.00 payment may be made in two installments as follows: $500.00 on or before January 31 and $500.00 on or before June 30. NOTE: Any affiliation fee not received by the deadline dates will incur a $250.00 late fee.

SafeSport Help Documents
SafeSport is off an running now and is with any new program there are issues with SafeSport website. The USA Softball national office IT group has put together  some helpful documents that you can share with your coaches if you get questions.

Safe Sport – Adding USA Softball membership to existing SafeSport account

SafeSport- Local Association Commissioner FAQ

If you have any questions, contact Dailyn King at or 405-425-3491.